Designer Postage

Well as of today it costs a little bit more to mail a letter ($.41)- I remember when it was only 20 cents...However, I am very excited for these stamps to be released during the holiday season. The U.S. Postal Service will warm up for the holidays by issuing Holiday Knits, four stamps featuring classic winter-time imagery designed and machine knitted by nationally known illustrator Nancy Stahl. Check out her her crafty appliqué/knit style.


Frank Stella on the Roof

One sure sign summer is almost here! The MET has opened up their rooftop for the season. "Frank Stella on the Roof" atop the Metropolitan Museum of Art features two large sculptures, a mammoth piece titled "Chinese Pavilion" and two smaller sculptures. This spot is one of my favorite New York City views.


Bella Pilar for Tiffany & Co.

Seems like Tiffany's is on the move with hiring illustrators these days. Bella Pilar has created images that are being used 'for invitation only events' *from altpick "The illustrations featured were for a special best customer ladies shopping event, a cocktail ring event, and a blue and green gemstone event."

Sujean for Tiffany & Co.

I'm so inspired by Sujean's new illustrations on the Tiffany's website. Best known for her Daily Candy illustrations, these add a personal flair to the company's staple jewelry items. {thanks Caitlin}


A Tisket and Tasket...

After seeing Gilmore Girls last week with Lorelai Gilmore sporting a vintage flower basket and CB2 advertising their new bicycle basket I may just have to get one...