Window Wednesdays: Around the Web & World

Hey I'm enjoying a wonderful week with family for Passover. Check out some window reports around the web below.

John Welles Bartlett is a brooklyn-based artist who created beautiful woodblock prints for the mens’ bergdorf goodman windows. From Design*Sponge

Check out this blog anothernormal! Rudy blogs about windows as he works right near Bergdorf Goodman. Loving teh recent Bendel's windows among his posts.

My friend Joanna snapped these ads in London. I had to share!


Abstract Expressionists at your local Post Office

I picked up these stamps last week at the USPS post office. I'm loving their unique sizes and the way they compliment an envelope. I will be heading back to buy several more sheets, as this looks like my signature stamp for 2010!


Window Wednesdays: Heavy on the graphics

Very Roy Lichtenstein! Some other posts I have taken paying homage to this style. Here & here.
Street Sweets Truck, UWS
How cool is this truck? Amazing graphics, colors, and layout!
I can't wait to participate in this.
Easter over at Lush.
Rickshaw Dumplings Truck, UWS
Ugly American Ad (Subway)


Window Wednesdays: Child's Play


American Girl
Coney Island homage & Singing in the rain. Nice displays....errrr dioramas.

Random running store I passed. Loved their display creativity!

Check out what Ikea did in Paris from Going Underground's Blog

Some Anthropologie images from a new blog I found and also here.


Bath Time

I'm currently looking for a new apartment! De-cluttering, scouring old domino magazine's for ideas, and extremely excited about all the new changes. I'm sure to be posting a lot of my finds & musings here during the next couple of weeks. I just saw this on Anthropologie's site.Pick up the details here.