Schlep Bag on Today Show Website

The Today Show Website is featuring 20 affordable gifts for Mother's Day including a Schlep tote I designed. Purchase one here.

Jewish or not, chances are your mother knows what schlepping is and has made it an art form. For the mom who schleps, this green-friendly, quirky canvas tote will make her smile as she schleps to the market.

Window Wednesdays: Coming Up Roses

Lord & Taylor, NYC
Everything is coming up roses at Lord & Taylor. They have launched the new rose campaign, just in time for Mother's Day. I even spotted a bus covered in roses traveling around NYC. There is even a video of the new bags making a presence among consumers. Want to design next year's rose. Click here.
Macy's, 34th Street, NYC
Anne Klein fashion illustrations!


Window Wednesdays: Earth Day

Macys, 34th Street, NYC
Happy Earth Day from Macy's. An interesting window display using items from Waste Management.
Whole Foods
Whole Foods Market, one less bag campaign!



Window Wednesdays: Window Lust

H&M, 34th Street, NYC (Marimekko for H&M)
Ever have those moments of window lust. You are passing by and bam-there they are--beautiful windows that stop you in your tracks. Being that you are in NYC tourists will pour all over you, slam into you, and are just outraged that you are standing still on this busy street. But you have to-you have to take a moment-to take in the visual eye candy that is in front of you. That is how I felt when I saw these windows. (1) Because I LOVE LOVE LOVE Marimekko. I am actually SO glad I had no idea H&M was licensing their patterns, because I loved stumbling upon them myself. (2) Illustrator Liselotte Watkins did the drawings. Nice pieces for her portfolio, if I do say so myself. Some more clothing images here.

Starbucks Goes a Bit Retro

Was anybody else in wonder-ment last week when the Starbucks BROWN LOGO appeared? Read about it in Businessweek.

Quotes that made me ponder.
"Now that Howard Schultz is back at the helm, this is definitely a nostalgia effort and a strong push to get back to the core values of the company," says Rob Giampietro of New York design firm Giampietro + Smith, referring to the reintroduction of an old icon. The tagline below the cup's sleeve reads: "Roasting coffee since 1971." Starbucks spokesperson Bridget Baker says, "It's a good time to celebrate our heritage."

"Old logos can engender a brand's story and history, and spark or rekindle an emotional bond," says independent Los Angeles-based marketing consultant Dennis Keene.


HOW you make my day

The new issue of HOW magazine has a wonderful poster for the 2008 HOW Conference. It's hanging up in my cube as of today. I am ridiculously looking forward to attending the conference & all the sessions. Anyone else going? Clifford Stoltze and his team at Boston's Stoltze Design created this year's poster. Even if you aren't attending the conference the poster is worth framing--especially if you are a Boston-loving-designer.


Window Wednesdays: Bloomin' at Bloomies

Bloomingdales, NYC
Spring has bloomed over at Bloomingdales. A Garden of Earthly Delights at the New York Botanical Garden.

Kate Spade, Flatiron Store, NYC
A picnic over at Kate Spade.

Footlocker, 34th Street NYC

Versace, NYC
Love the silhouettes.

Waterworks, Flatiron Store, NYC
A little risky' for luxury bath store, No?