Seymour Chwast for Passover

Graphic Artist/Illustrator Seymour Chwast (husband to Paula Scher) has not one, but two illustrated Passover books. Pick up The Miracles of Passover and Had Gadya: A Passover Song. Both of these books add a graphic touch to my Passover holiday. If you didn't catch this article back in 2006 about their beautiful home, read it here.{images taken from amazon.com}{images taken from bn.com}


Miss Straight Talk

I'm addicted. I came across the McCain Blogette this week after reading about it in the Washington Post. She's up on her trends & sheds light on what it's like being on the campaign trail. I like her fashion critiques and playlists!

From the AP article:
Meghan decided to blog about the campaign, with help from a couple of friends, after graduating last year from Columbia University. Her Web site mixes behind-the-scenes photos and videos from the campaign trail with iPod music playlists, designer fashion, even makeup tips. It can be addictive, says Julie Barko Germany, director of the Institute for Politics and the Internet at George Washington University. "It feels almost like picking up a copy of Us Weekly—real stars, they're just like us!" Germany said

What a great, creative & fun gig for these three young ladies. Talented Meghan, photographer Heather, and producer Shannon have talented futures ahead of them. After seeing this blog I thought of the article So You Want to Be a Blogging Star? from the NYTimes. {photos by Heather Brand Photography}


Window Wednesdays: Page Turners

Henri Bendel, ELLE Accessories Window
Shop the store, one page at a time! I peeked in to see the accessories arranged on 'page' numbered tables. What a great marketing idea! According to Chic Report, magazines hit newstands April 1st & Editor Anne Slowey, curated the windows.

Saks Catalog, Want It!
When I got this catalog in the mail I thought it was done really well. Honestly anything with illustration gets my attention. THEN I saw the Saks windows and visually referenced the catalog in my head. Moments like this are when I love being a designer and noticing all the details that went into making this campaign a success. Enjoy my typography images. I went a bit typography-happy on this one.

The Saks' announcement of Want it! campaign notes that designer Piet Paris designed the illustrations.

However, the Marian Bantjes hand lettering campaign for Want It! from last September is still my favorite.

Saks Windows, Want It!


Tim Noble & Sue Webster 'Electric Fountain'

I just noticed the Electric Fountain at Rockefeller Center this weekend. What an attention grabber! It is only up until April 5th, so if you haven't seen it yet you have a couple more days. Here's an article about the designer duo that came up with this installation.


Paper Construction Illustration

I was excited to see paper construction illustrations by Linda Chamberlin and Matthew Sporzynski in the March 2008 issue of Harper's Bazaar. Usually his creations in Real Simple magazine are Three-dimensional. Here they are more two-dimensional and for a fashionista audience. It's the first time I have seen his illustrations incorporate editorial content. Back in October I blogged about Matthew's paper creations and linked to some more articles about him.


Illustration: Yuko Shimizu Interview

Over at Illustration Friday they have a wonderful interview with Yuko Shimizu. I wrote about her here after hearing her speak on a panel. A witty, wonderful illustrator!{picture from Yuko Shimizu's website}


Window Wednesdays: Part 2 Macy's Flower Show 2008

Theme for 2008: Seven Wonders of Fashion

Such details. So beautiful. The roaring 20s -hands down- is my favorite window. I encourage anyone in NYC to check out these wondrous windows before they are taken down.

Each year one of the Big Apple's most iconic stores - Macy's on Broadway - hosts its annual flower show, turning over part of its store to incredible floral displays. Using over a million flowers from all over the world, horticulturists create wonderful floral displays that attract thousands of camera-toting visitors from not only across New York, but from all over the world. Held over two weeks, the store also organises a number of family-friendly events, workshops and demonstrations to tie in with the show.

1800s20s50s60s70s80sGraphic Logo for New York/Herald's Square Flower Show-so classic and traditional. Gina+Matt designed the artwork this year.Graphic Logo For Chicago/State Street Flower Show-very trendy, fresh & Latin inspired.The store is transformed into a tropical wonderland. Plants definitely feel out of place in a department store, such as this one. You notice the overall effect right away. I loved the Macy's building that is built out of natural plant/flower materials. The details are wonderful. Here's a link to Martha Stewart's book signing during the flower show. She got some great interior photos as well.