Color Wheels of New York City via TimeOut

Time Out NY has great New York City knowledge in this weeks edition. I was enjoying the color wheels of New York City, as I flipped through it on the subway.



Paula Scher: Now & Then @ FIT

Tuesday, February 10, 2009
Katie Murphy Amphitheatre, F.I.T.
27th Street & Seventh Avenue, NYC
7:00 - 8:30 PM, doors open at 6:30

"As a child of the sixties I was always rebellious. It came with the decade. I found that a form of rebelliousness is always present in my best work, and my work suffers when it is widely accepted and it becomes a part of the establishment.

This talk will show how I have rebelled against Helvetica, expectations of others, and mostly rebelled against myself."
-Paula Scher

Click here for more info & to order tickets.


Say it isn't so, DOMINO!

I don't even know what to say. Domino magazine is no more. Every month I await its arrival. Last January Blueprint & House and Home bit the dust as well. I'm going to have to pick up Domino: The Book of Decorating ASAP. I hope they leave the domino website up---I know many who use the gallery section for inspiration. I'm going to have to start importing my magazines from other countries. Elle Decoration from the UK to start! Any other suggestions?

Illustrated Red Heads

I need to get this book, Like I Give a Frock illustrated by Kate Macleod seen via OhJoy! My last redhead theme book purchase was...Freckle Face Strawberry illustrated by Leuyen Pham. Also check out redpoppy fashion for redhead musings and fashion.

Window Wednesdays: Hermes Flashback

With the weather being so cold I knew a flashback was due for this week. Here's to warmer days of traveling in style--theme of the Hermes windows below. These were taken pre-blogging and I am glad I can finally share them with you.


Schlep tote in Accessories Magazine

Here's the schlep tote I designed in January's Accessories Magazine...Click here for info to buy it. I enjoy designing products--especially when you notice someone schlepping around with your wares'. Looking forward to some new projects in 2009.


Illustration: Alli Arnold

I had a chance encounter meeting Alli Arnold this weekend. I'll admit I was very excited. I'm sure you've seen her illustrations, as she has such a distinct style. She's frequently in Real Simple magazine and I was trying to remember the last time I saw one of her originals. Besides on the streets of NYC (see signage banners below) it was in an October NYTimes beauty article. Honestly the illustrations did more for me than the copy. The first illustration I saw of Alli's was the Barneys baby logo. The lion is on so many items. How wonderful to see a cute illustration/logo turn into an icon for an array of baby products. Check out her portfolio here.{Alli Arnold for the NYTimes}{Alli Arnold- Barneys New York baby logo}

Illustrated banners in fashion/garment district, New York City
How cute are these. Next time you are wandering around in the garment district--look up! Alli's illustrations are everywhere. Her 'people' line the street.


JCrew for the First Lady & First Daughters

JCrew designed items specifically for the first lady, Michelle & her daughters, Malia and Sasha Obama. Read more about it here. JCrew also got paid for their services, as the Obama camp asked for invoices for every step along the way. Good design is worth good money! Sometimes we designers forget that! I am also a huge fan of Isabel Toledo, who I first wrote about here and Caitlin's illustration of Isabel is amazing.
FYI: Just saw that Simon Doonan of Barneys is LOVING that Michelle Obama loves Isabel Toledo.

Illustrator: Gwenda Kaczor

Caught this image out of the corner of my eye (on the subway) in the NYTimes yesterday. It's illustrator is Gwenda Kaczor. Perfect image for the theme of my week--as I read Skinny Bitch Sunday--and have been researching nutrition all week.{image from NYTimes}


Build your own Oval Office

Did you catch that you can build your own Oval Office with Ikea furniture. I would have loved to be at that brainstorming meeting over at Ikea! You can play with the furniture and create a virtual layout. They recreated this scene in Washington D.C's Union Station. A unique way for a Swedish company to gather press during an American election, don't you think?

Michael Smith has been chosen to be the White House decorator. Check out what the WSJ said about it.

Illustrator: Bil Donovan (New website!)

Illustrator Bil Donovan's new website is up,up,up! Yay. It's clean, easy to navigate, and I am still going through the magnificent watercolors. (Sidenote: I'm loving all the redheads!){image taken from www.bildonovan.com}


Window Wednesdays: Big Window Challenge

Bloomingdale's Big Window Challenge is up today--they finished the window displays last night! Bloomingdale's is partnering with Apartment Therapy to celebrate the launch of their new Furniture on 5 floor. They have challenged three Apartment Therapy readers to take over the flagship store's windows and transform them into three remarkable room sets with furniture from the new collection. (You can also vote and enter the sweepstakes to take one home from January 21-29, 2009)

I can't wait to view them in person and to check out Bloomingdale's new funiture floor!{picture from www.apartmenttherapy.com}

Window Wednesdays: Beauty Athletics at Saks, More Sales


Shape up make-up! What a cute way to show sports/beauty products. Loved these little scenes.

Kiehl's Store Windows, NYC
Old school apothecary meets new school apothecary.

Pookie and Sebastian Windows
Cute boutique chain in NYC. I really liked the dresses made of Women's Wear Daily Newspapers.

Juicy Couture Windows
The new shop on 5th avenue is great. Like a mecca for Juicy lovers. Interior design is worth the visit. Sale sign made up of coins.

Anthropologie Windows
Birds of a feather'

Daydream Frozen Yogurt Shop
New store. Cute design, not sure how upscale it comes across. Another yogurt shop :-) Just what we need.