Illustrated Red Heads

I need to get this book, Like I Give a Frock illustrated by Kate Macleod seen via OhJoy! My last redhead theme book purchase was...Freckle Face Strawberry illustrated by Leuyen Pham. Also check out redpoppy fashion for redhead musings and fashion.


RedPoppy said...

Thank you for the mention!!!! It's most appreciated.

victoria thorne said...

Leuyen is the good friend of two of my dearest friends...she is just a complete treasure. Lovely to see her book her.

Would love to subscribe to your blog! When you have time, if it isn't to bulky looking, could you put up a subscription gadget? Know that others will feel this way.

You've got a superb eye & great talent.

victoria thorne said...

full disclosure: I'm a redhead (re: effusive last comment, came from heart)