The Hand is Mightier Than the Font

So excited to find this interview with Bernard Maisner, as I was upset to learn I had missed his lecture at The Grolier Club in July. As huge fan of lettering – he is truly a living master of this art form. The interview is very thorough in all aspects of his journey and talents. I have been meaning to sharpen up my own hand lettering skills at the Society of Scribes. They offer many classes in different hand lettering styles.

His lasting words had me swooning! Maisner states, "I sincerely hope I am not the last letterer out there." "I cannot imagine a world without beautiful hand lettering."

I couldn't agree more.


Illustrator: Christian Northeast

Something besides the Sunday Styles section caught my attention this morning, as Christian Northeast had such a colorful and whimsical illustration on the cover of the New York Times Book Review.


Beyond Photography

The InStyle Weddings (Summer 2007) issue had a great article paying homage to artists that you can commission to capture your event. Imagine a painting capturing your wedding day, anniversary party, or corporate event. These artists Greg Kalamar, Anne Watkins, Live Event Artist are a few of many that can capture and preserve such a lasting moment.

A Peek: Paula Scher's Sketchbook

I truly enjoy seeing how other designers especially Paula Scher --- use their sketchbooks! There is something so nice, handmade, and tangible about a designer's unique drawing skills and type styles. Paula Scher participated in Detour, an exhibition at the Art Directors Club in New York presented by Moleskine. The exhibition featured 70 Moleskine notebooks filled by various designers, architects, artists and writers. The raison d’ĂȘtre for the exhibition was to introduce the new Moleskine City Notebooks, announce the launch of the accompanying Cityblog and raise money for the non-profit foundation Lettera 27. Now Moleskine has posted video of the participants paging through their books. (Great idea!) Paula’s is filled with 14 whimsical fonts she drew while on an airplane and sitting by the sea in Jamaica. Other participants included Dave Eggers, Cynthia Rowley, Lou Reed, Terence Conran, Tom Sachs, Carin Goldberg and Yves Behar. (which you can search for on YouTube. {via Pentagram}


One Girl's Journey to Doing What She Loves

Even though these Living the Dream journal entries of illustrator Holli Conger are a couple of years old, it is by far one of the most inspiring articles I have read. Be sure to click on Becoming an Illustrator in the right hand column. Often as designers we don't know where to begin or how to start the process of getting ourselves out there. Even when we do it's often hard to see the small steps ending up successful. Holli's monthly musings show baby steps often turn into big steps! {thanks Caitlin}