Friday Illustrative Notes...

I seem to be finding so many illustrators on the web lately. I just came across Lilla Rogers Blog today. I've always been a fan of the illustrators she represents, but this shows 'Behind the Scenes'. On the right navigational bar check out The Artist's Process & Amazing Illustration Jobs.

I also came across Dallas Shaw. (Her work was on a Pingg invitation I received.) I quickly found her site and blog.

Liking Jen Skelley's patterns & style.

Hallmark Magazine hires such an array of illustrators. This month's issue is bursting with wonderful art direction & illustrators. For example, I was introduced to Sarah Cline's wonderful stitched style.

Design Work Life wrote about the typographic design style of many designers in this month's O Magazine.


Window Wednesdays: Retail Campaign 08

Next week, when I post we will have all voted. This week's windows should inspire you to get to the polls. Here are some voting inspired windows from Home Depot and Bloomingdales, which I already posted about. This Kate Spade Vote Tote adorned the Kate Spade retail windows, but I wasn't able to capture them in time for this weeks post.

I'm sure everyone has noticed the Gap "vote for" campaign in a window near you. Some are quite witty and it is a good week for a voting campaign.


Henri Bendel
Nice beauty illustration by IZAK.

Bergdorf Goodman
Mirror mirror on the wall--these are real women in the windows during an event I happened to walk by!

Bike rack outside Bergdorf!
History of Fashion
Accessory Explosion
Zodiac Signs!
Anyone see the Zaha Hadid-designed Chanel Mobile Art in Central Park? The Gothamist has some good images.


Lubin House: Michelangelo Original Drawings

Everytime I see a Syracuse Advertisement in New York City I have to smile. I love the advertising campaign of my alma mater atop cabs and in subway stops.

Syracuse University has a brownstone called Lubin House in New York City that has events and exhibits. Right now Michelangelo: The Man and the Myth: Original drawings by Michelangelo will be on display in the Louise and Bernard Palitz Gallery from November 4 through January 4. The exhibition will include 14 original drawings and writings by the Renaissance master. Timed tickets are on sale through TicketWeb.


Hermes Illustrations

I decided to check out Hermes website today and was delighted to see new illustrations by Illustrator Alice Charbin.


Babar the Elephant in New York City

I just learned about the new exhibit at the Morgan Library and Museum, NYC. Drawing Babar: Early Drafts and Watercolors (September 19-January 4). Looking forward to seeing that. Admission is free on Fridays from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Great short film from CBS News about the history of Babar the Elephant.

NYTimes Babar Images from Exhibit

USA Today article: Babar the Elephant Gets NYC Museum Show.


Window Wednesdays: Macy's 150 Years

Catch this beautiful homage to Macy's during the Emmy's? Finally found it online.

Macy's, 34th Street
Happy Birthday to Macy's. One hundred fifty years! Looking forward to seeing what they have in this year's parade to commemorate the big birthday.

Sephora's 10th Birthday!
Happy Birthday to Sephora as well. Everyone seems to be blending make-up and sweets!

Illustrator Marisa Marchetto designed the cards, illustrations and more for Bloomingdales PINK items.


Children's Art Show at the Society

It's that time of year again...The Original Art show at the Society of Illustrators begins October 16th thru November 26.

This exhibition “celebrates the fine art of children’s book illustration.” Over 150 original works selected from the books themselves will be on display. This is the only retrospective of the original art for this field.

I love flipping through each book and viewing this year's best illustrations. I usually walk out of there with a wish list for Barnes & Noble.