Birthday Illustration Musings

Cait gave me a wonderful book called The Dress Doctor, Prescriptions for Style, From A to Z for my birthday. The illustrations by one of my favorite fashion illustrators Bil Donovan are wonderful and I enjoyed turning each page.

It's a updated version of Edith Head's best-selling 1959 autobiography and style guide. The new book includes advice, witticisms and anecdotes on Old Hollywood — culled from the original book complete with more than 80 colorful illustrations by famed artist Bil Donovan.

She also knows I love embroidered illustration and saved me the Neiman Marcus holiday book catalog! My favorite illustrator Paula Sanz Caballero designed this year's cover.


Starbucks Illustrated Giftcard

I had to buy this giftcard just for the illustrations. I wonder who designed it? The card holder is also to cute not to reuse.

Happy Hanukkah from NYC


Window Wednesdays: Holiday Wrap-Up

Here are some great New York City Holiday Window captures from bloggers around NYC:
Susanna's Sketchbook (Lord & Taylor Holiday close-ups)
Susanna's Sketchbook (Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Windows)
Barney's Holiday Window Display and more Barney's from Coutorture
Saks Window Display
Macy's Holiday Window Display

Some windows from ABROAD!
Fashiontribe's posting (London, Milan, Paris)
Domestic-miss (Fortnum and Mason Holiday Windows) Great little blog from across the pond. Love her comment "I recall their fabulous Alice in Wonderland windows for example" because I do to...I may even have to dig up those images from my archives and post a flashback)
Liberty of LONDON Holiday Window Display
Focus on Style (Paris Holiday Windows)

I did some of my own window shopping this week. ABC Carpet & Home, I'll admit is a bit more gorgeous on the inside than outside, but there are elegant holiday windows to be found in Gramercy. Fish's Eddy had some witty windows showcasing their home goods & new tableware lines.

Fish's Eddy Holiday Windows 2008

ABC Carpet & Home Holiday Windows 2008


Stories Come Alive...

Things like this make me smile, especially since you can see all the handiwork that went into this little film promo. I watched it a few times already, noticing new details each viewing....Read more about it here.

This Is Where We Live from 4th Estate on Vimeo. {Found via Words & Pictures}


Sample Sale: Textile & Designers Galore

Not only is Hable Construction having a sample sale but this event has so many amazing designers selling their wares. Thought I'd share the arrival in my inbox with all of you.{click on image to enlarge & read}

Illustrator: Edwina White

Every Monday & Thursday morning my gracious co-worker leaves me the NYTimes Style section on my desk. It's oh so thoughtful of her to remember me each and every week. This morning my eyes lit up when I saw these fashion illustrations by Edwina White.


Women of Design

I want this Women of Design book!
"The women in this book have been divided into three groups, representative of the time in which their influence was most heartily felt: Groundbreakers, Pathfinders and Trailblazers. These three generations have helped shape the modern landscape of design. Explore the work, ideals and ventures that have helped define the last fifty years of the graphic design profession. Learn about the women who helped establish design’s relevance, importance and impact — and the ones who carry their tradition into new territory."


Window Wednesdays: A Juicy Christmas

Simple snowglobes at JCrew.

Songs of the Holiday Season at Bloomingdales. Press release here. I'm loving the Juicy Christmas windows that are also showcasing at Bloomingdale's.

Interesting article about winter retail advertising campaigns from the NYTimes.