Birthday Illustration Musings

Cait gave me a wonderful book called The Dress Doctor, Prescriptions for Style, From A to Z for my birthday. The illustrations by one of my favorite fashion illustrators Bil Donovan are wonderful and I enjoyed turning each page.

It's a updated version of Edith Head's best-selling 1959 autobiography and style guide. The new book includes advice, witticisms and anecdotes on Old Hollywood — culled from the original book complete with more than 80 colorful illustrations by famed artist Bil Donovan.

She also knows I love embroidered illustration and saved me the Neiman Marcus holiday book catalog! My favorite illustrator Paula Sanz Caballero designed this year's cover.


Anonymous said...

That Neiman Marcus catalog is great! I love the trend in advertising... many of the ads I work with for Caribbean travel are changing to print screen style a la Charlie Harper and I love it!

Jody said...

I was fortunate to get about 50 editions of "The Book" from the mid-eighties thru 2000 at a curb sale this past fall. As reference material alone it is priceless! Thanks for posting the most recent...now I must find a copy for myself :)