Gasp I love...

Don't you love how blogs & links lead to more linky love...I was helping a friend look for Bridal shower ideas and spotted 100 Layer Cake blog (particularly this shower). AND SWOONED. Wow. Wow. The details and love that went into this one shower is priceless. From there I went to Mimi's Letterpress/Stationary site and her blog is amazing as well. How did I not know about this wedding/great idea blog to begin with? (I double checked some other bride-y blogs and I don't think they know either)
{picture from 100 Layer Cake}


Window Wednesdays: West Village Spotting

Ice cream anyone???

This store is located at 138 W 10th street. Next to Jack's Stir Brew. Looks like it is appointment only & I love how the hang the clothing on dry cleaning type machinery. So many cute eateries and shops on 10th street.

Art & Copy: A Must See

If Art & Copy is coming to a theater near you--you must see it! I am looking forward to having a viewing at work once it comes out on DVD. It was that good & a nice film for a creative crew to watch together. It also made me want to re-read Mary Wells "My Big Life in Advertsing". She was interviewed a lot in this film. I went to see the film at the IFC with Jen & she has a great wrap-up and beat me to blogging about it! I recommend you read her synopsis.


Illustratior: Garance Doré

I happened to stumble upon Garance Doré this week. She's a little bit of Fashion, Illustration, Photo & Beauty all in one. I liked her simple fashion illustrations of course, but its the way she captures the everyday in her writing that really got me. {image from www.garancedore.fr}


To Life, To Life: L'Chaim

SO lately I've been seeing L'Chaim (which means To Life' in Hebrew) used as a design element. (1) Built By Wendy Tee Shirt (2) Cheers Glasses at CB2 (3) Jay-Z L'Chaim Foil Star Logo T-Shirt & let's not forget the summer song of '09 (4) Black Eyed Peas - Mazal Tov (L’chaim)


Window Wednesdays: A Little Bit of Everything'

Interesting article about the new Midtown JCPenney store from the NYTimes.
Point of Purchase Displays in Meatpacking District.

New Marc Jacobs fragrance LOLA.

Duane Reade
New copywriting is great!

Diesel was robbed! Not really, but they are definitely creatively announcing their sale!

ABC Carpet & Home
Always beautiful textures & materials at ABC.
London Image!
From Bloody Brilliant


IF: Wrapped

Ruben Toledo for a Classic Read

Flipping through Glamour magazine over the weekend and noticed Ruben Toledo has illustrated deluxe editions of three classic novels: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, and The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Ironically I just picked up Pride and Prejudice for $.25 at a stoop sale this month (because I've been in a classic state of mind lately). The Scart Letter, well I haven't read that since 6th grade! These three books look like fabulous artwork for my apartment. Anyone else agree?


Window Wednesdays: Barney, Bloomy, Louey

Was having some trouble with my computer last night. Enjoy the wonderful images this week. Bring on the summer creativity! Barneys (read closely) a good jean deal.


Forever Summer! Seems like summer just hit NYC this week. Hot, Humid & Hazy!

Loving the Script-y Typography!

Louis Vuitton
These windows are amazing! The shoes make appearances in several boxes before sliding away into the store. Gold beaded separations! Definitely stop by if you're a local.