Window Wednesdays: Pack it Up at LV, and Destination MK at Saks.

American Girl Store
Made me miss camp!

Louis Vuitton
Bergdorf Goodman
Henri Bendel


Window Wednesday: Bicycling State of Mind

I can't get enough of biking these days. I just bought a hybrid last month and have been bicycling around New York City, whenever I get a chance. It's a great new perspective on the city (and a easy way to capture some images as well). Some international photos are included below, but here's hoping New York stores spotlight bicycles next month for Bike Month.

Vancouver Store Window
Canada, visual merchandising from some Canadian retailers
Images from the blog choisir son allure. (click for more great images)


Mr. Right & Mrs. Always Right

I attended a friend's bridal shower yesterday and loved these mugs she received. Mr. Right & Mrs. Always Right by Our Name is Mud.


Inspiration for Friday

Dior Beauty welcomes Bil Donovan as an artist-in-residence! Hello dream job? I'm a bit behind on my exhibits & museums but I must check out The Line of Fashion, which closes May 2nd at the Society of Illustrators! Bil has some pieces on display there as well as some others I am looking forward to viewing. May 2nd will be here before you know it.
Check out this YouTube video of FIT Professor Bil Donovan taking his Illustration class out onto the streets of NYC to capture skateboarders under the Brooklyn bridge. Wishing he was my professor back in my fashion illustration class days...


Window Wednesdays: Plates, Pipe Cleaners, and Passover Candy

Dylan's Candy Bar
Happy Passover!
Green Depot, NYC
I never saw Green Depot before this weekend! I can't wait to go inside when it is open. Check out the yummy typography. It caught me by surprise as I walked down the dark street. The store is located near the New Museum. (ps- The NYTimes had a nice feature about the store after I wrote this post)
Colored vertical stripes light up!

Bergdorf Goodman, NYC
A children's pipe cleaner project? Styrofoam cups? I was reminded of my preschool days.

Bed, Bath & Beyond, NYC
Registering for dishes anyone?!

Bergdorf Goodman, NYC (other windows)