Happy 4th of July, Macy's Fireworks

Macy's fireworks will be on Saturday night! Love the typography on this year's posters and signage via Macy's windows.


The HIGHline is HERE

Hoping to head to the newly opened Highline this weekend amongst some other great exhibits. View the design slideshow and drool along with me. Looking forward to seeing it in person. I'm trying to keep my vacation mentality going and continue to soak up some local visuals. July 12th is the TARGET HIGH LINE STREET FESTIVAL. I can't get over how cute the (above illustration) is. I wonder who drew it.


Wedding design advice

{image by adesignaffair}

When I returned home from traveling last week I noticed one of my fellow alumns Courtney of designworklife started a new wedding blog called Head vs. Heart (amazing name!). I was like 'no she didn't' 'she did!' 'yay'. Courtney is getting married soon & its a way for her to muse about wedding design like no other wedding blog I have come across yet.

I have a few weddings coming up in 2009/2010 and seem to be the go to for creative wedding advice, especially when choosing a Ketubah. I did some extensive research for my cousin this week and here are a few of my favorites.

1) the ketubah by Stephanie Caplan (by far my favorite)
2) Danny Azoulay Papercuts
3) Ketubah Graphia
4) Aqua Studio
5) New Ketubah
6) Dena Levie's amazing papercut designs

I went to sleepaway camp when I was younger and this time of year always reminds me of my camp days. The Mrs. over at Jewish Wedding Network has been highlighting couples this week who chose to have their big day at a summer camp site. Loving the pictures and stories.

Also stumbled upon Laura Hooper Calligraphy in my searches. Love her style & event maps.

Edible Good Luck Charm!

Thank you Tatyana who sent me over this posting. Seems there is a new product/marketing concept which I can see becoming popular. I enjoy anything these days that is tangible and can arrive in my mailbox. Check out the Kit Kat Mail: A New Edible Good Luck Charm over at psfk.

(also seen via trendcentral)