Baby Strollers Abroad

I became semi-obsessed with the hip baby carriages & strollers I kept seeing on the streets. Not to mention the fashionable men & women pushing them along. Vienna had the best spottings! Some that I was able to remember are listed below. They may be available in the US, but here in NYC everyone is mostly sporting Bugaboos.

Concord Neo (with a free PAPA bag!)
MUSTY Strollers
This Classic Pram by Iglesina!

Some street images I had to capture.

These baby love wooden bead pacificer cords were all the rage. Every baby had one. And they also had wooden block toys hanging from the stroller for the little one to play with. I brought a few back as presents which I purchased from the dm-drogeriemarkt!

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Angelia said...

Baby stroller accesories such as pacificer cords and hanging toys very helpful to make our babies comfort in their stroller. But, is that wooden bead save for our babies ? I'm afraid if the thread will broken. And you have to make sure the paint of that wooden blok safety for baby.