Tropicana Reverts back to Classic Logo

I don't know about you, but my fellow designers and I have had much debate lately over the new Tropicana packaging/logo designed by Peter Arnell. This week I heard they are reverting back to the old classic packaging. Wow, I haven't lived through any re-verts instead of re-designs and I am happy to see the old logo reinstated. Why mess with what works? (We do however like the rounded cap!)

"The new design confused our core consumers and that's why we went back," said Massimo d'Amore, CEO of PepsiCo Americas Beverages, but "people do not buy design. They buy products. We have not changed the product." See whole article from the NYPost.

From trendcentral
"And by the way: Think your opinion matters? Well, Tropicana sure does. Overwhelmingly negative consumer feedback in regards to their new juice packaging drove the orange juice giant to return to the former design. Talk about power to the people!"

ps. trendcentral's daily newsletter is GREAT!


Window Wednesdays: London Flashback

Looking forward to sharing one of my favorite window scenes with you. It's from my UK travels to Fortnum & Mason, December 2006.


NYC Illustration Events

Two fabulous illustration events going on next Tuesday March 3rd. One being the amazing panel at FIT. I went last year and was inspired by the diverse array of illustrators. Their personalities, styles, and personal stories were all masterpieces in itself. Looking forward to this year's event. A bit bummed that the Waltz with Bashir event is the same night. After seeing the film I am still baffled and curious how the illustrative style was done. It took four years!

SPD Talks and Lectures
DWI: Do It With Illustration
Under the Influence with Today's Most Arresting Illustrators

Tuesday, March 3, 2009
Katie Murphy Amphitheatre, F.I.T.
27th Street & Seventh Avenue, NYC
7:00 - 8:30 PM, doors open at 6:30

"Come and meet six of the brightest illustrators working today. Hear how they create the images that inform, seduce and enlighten us on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. From cover portraits of President Obama to adjusting to life in the suburbs to packaging for sexual lubricant creams (!) to the pitfalls of job-hunting--get an inside view on how these artists tackle a broad range of topics and their perspectives (illustratively speaking), on politics, work, life and love."
Society of Illustrators
David Polonsky discusses Waltz with Bashir.

Tuesday, March 3rd at 6:30 at The Society of Illustrators (128 East 63rd) meet David Polonsky, the illustrator and art director of Ari Forman’s Waltz with Bashir. Polonsky will discuss the techniques that were used to make this unique animated documentary. The talk will be accompanied by clips from the film. A Q and A session will follow and a book signing for the release of a graphic novel based upon the film.


Window Wednesdays: B is for Barbie & Bloomingdales

I knew Barbie was turing 50 by this NYTimes post. {and great illustration about Barbie & Hello Kitty during fashion week by Alli Arnold} Yes, Barbie got her own fashion show.

Bloomingdales, 59th Street, NYC
The Bloomingdale's Louis Vuitton windows and Circle burst look very much like last week's Bergdorf Goodman & Louis Vuitton windows. However the windows dedicated to Barbie's 50th birthday are quite creative.

Barbie at Bloomingdales
The Barbie vintage prints are GREAT. The mannequins were specially designed by Rootstein. They look so Barbie-esk.

Window Wednesdays: Confessions of a Shopaholic

The windows of New York City play a large role in the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic. The beginning of the movie starts with a window I blogged about last May! The aviator mannequins that persuade Becky to buy the green scarf from Bendel's as well as the fairytale mannequin that Becky grabs a bag from (note different handbag on mannequin leg).


Current Fashion Exhibits in NYC

Some fashion-y exhibits I must attend in the spring:

The International Center for Photography is having Edward Steichen:
In High Fashion, The Condé Nast Years, 1923–1937. (January 16–May 3, 2009) Not going to be in NYC?---Watch this curated interactive piece from the NYTimes, here.

The Museum of the City of New York celebrates a timeless designer in "Valentina: American Couture and the Cult of Celebrity" (Feb 14-May 17){image courtesy of MCNY}


Drawing Board to the Desktop: A Designer’s Path

Michael Bierut recalls his early career and its trajectory from drawing board to desktop computer in the NYTimes.

"If you worked in a design studio in 1980, you were surrounded by colored paper, rubber cement, X-Acto knives and cans of aerosol spray glue. Our work, whether an annual report or a poster, was done by hand." -MB

"I wish I worked in design in the 80s." -adesignaffair

Charm Holders?

Spotted this in Lucky magazine this month. Are charm holders back in style??? Seeing this image brought back some 1993-94 memories.


Handmade Nation: Screening at MAD

Last night I went to the screening of Handmade Nation over at (MAD) Museum of Art & Design. It was great. The film really made me think about the products I buy, if they are handmade, and how can I support more artists. I myself sell wares & love making gifts for friends, but I don't support local artists enough. I hope to buy more this year. My favorite places to shop from designers in NYC is TheMarketNYC and EdgeNY.

Afterwards the panel discussed the film, and some obstacles/challenges that artists/designers/crafters face in their work. I related to a bunch of their thoughts- one being from Mandy Greer, who spoke about how a project weaves its way into your life. How she carries her project bag with her to the park, and stitches while her children play. Subsequently introducing knitting to many small children, whom she teaches next to her on the park bench, if they are so inclined. Projects start to represent time periods in your life.

I have been carrying around a project bag of sorts around with me since last summer. I'm currently working on a a stitched piece for a friend's wedding and I try to get in a few rows ever opportunity I can. (long train rides, jersey shore vacation, watching the olympics, watching the 2008 Presidential Campaign, SEE this project already has memories for me!)

Another discussion came about how art education in schools is dwindling and being cut from budgets. ::GASP:: as I can't even imagine my childhood without art class. A coworker brought her daughter into work yesterday and she's in 7th grade. I started to muse about the best part of 7th & 8th grade being Home Economics and learning how to sew. (All I wanted for 8th grade graduation was a sewing machine) My SINGER is still going strong! These kids don't have art class anymore!

Definitely see this film when it stops by your city! More screenings being shown in NYC this weekend on Saturday & Sunday. Also MAD is pay what you wish on Thursday nights 6-9pm! Hello' I'm going back to explore the museum soon.

Flowers Decoded (just in time for Valentine's Day)

Jason Logan has a great slideshow on NYTimes today about flowers having carried coded messages. Reminds me of the post on Design*Sponge that I was loving yesterday about flowers.


Window Wednesdays: An Abundance of Typography

Bergdorf Goodman, New York City
A type junky's wonderland in these windows this week. I love the play of CC Chanel & the burst of magenta in the darker windows.

These windows GLOW on 5th avenue and I love Stephen Sprouse's signature style.
Louis Vuitton for Stephen Sprouse

One of my favorite beauty stores. Lovely packaging for Valentine's Day and spring.