Illustration Evening

So there are days I think ahh I live in such a crazy overwhelming city! Then there are nights (like last Thursday night) where I think I am the luckiest girl in the world to have an abundance of design resources & inspiration at my fingertips.

On Thursday night I was able to attend PERSONAL VISION: Marshall Arisman Moderates Illustration. Given by the Society of Publication Designers. It was also a flashback to my days in art school. The energy in the room was refreshing. Illustrators and artists hanging on every work the panelists said, and hands flying during the Q&A session.

These great Illustrators participated in the panel:
Nathan Fox
Sam Weber
Yuko Shimizu
Eddie Guy

Some thoughts the talented panel left me musing about were:
"An Art Director once said to me, "If I think the way you think is interesting then I want to hire you!" "

Wow, it really is what's in your head. It got me thinking...
How would I see the angle of the story. How would I portray the scene or how would I solve the problem? What stories are in my thoughts? THEY REALLY ARE PAYING YOU FOR YOUR STORY, YOUR INSPIRATION, YOUR BRAIN.

Another topic the panel discussed was the question: Is Illustration dying? They agreed that there is always a need for imagery, and to tell stories. Change your thinking on certain topics as illustrators can do something photographers cannot. Think broadly as the market is changes as technology changes. Imagery on toys, snowboards, t-shirts, animations, and packaging (new consumer ideas = new packaging ideas).

While researching some of the Illustrators I came across this great article, Illustrators are always a big draw, that talks about the topic of editorial Illustration. Enjoy!

{image from PERSONAL VISION poster}

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