Window Wednesdays: Let's Hear it for the Boy!, Color My World, & Creepy Crawly Things

Lots to report on this week!
The new men's contemporary section, No. 59 Metro, was featured in this weeks windows. I find it a rarity to find men being featured in the Bloomingdales' windows. I'm glad I caught this one.
Bloomingdales, NYC{graphic image from bloomingdales' website}
Both Bloomingdales & Fendi boutiques are showing the Baguette this as their feature right now! Tap into your inner creative with the 10th anniversary Fendi Baguette. I love the doodles and approve of the Pantone and Fendi collaboration!
"Fendi is also celebrating the occasion with the “10+,” an all-white canvas bag that comes complete with 10 Pantone markers for personalizing, and quilted leather versions in each of those 10 shades. The 10+ Fendi baguette (named in celebration of the label's next ten years, rather than the ten past) turns buyers into designers—the all-white "blank canvas" comes with a set of pantone markers, so each bag becomes an original piece of Fendi history."
Bloomingdales, NYCFendi Store, NYC

Spiders & webs at Bergdorf Goodmans Men's Store and Creepy Crawly things at Saks. Ummmm they gave me the chills, but I do like the spider webs. Anything with string & thread is approved by me!
Bergdorf Goodman (Men's), NYCSaks, NYC

Art at Bergdorf Goodman's main store. It was like going to an art show! Saks graphic lines made me think of, the NYC subway map!
Bergdorf Goodman, NYCSaks, NYC

Loving the kiddies playing dress-up in Mom's closet! Bendel's is always simple-yet beautiful. They have only three windows to go 'ALL OUT' on.
Henri Bendel, NYC


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wow! lots of clever ideas!

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I love all the storefronts! Thanks for stopping by our blog- you can count on me being back to yours very soon! :)