Illustrator & Typography Galore: Julie Teninbaum

Every month I love looking at Julie Teninbaum's numerology for Fast Company. She does great work! Check out her portfolio as well. LOVING the Olympic piece of course...
{images Julie Teninbaum for Fast Company}


Window Wednesdays: Bloomingdale's Windows

Quick post this week as I was away for work and really just passed by Bloomingdale's this week. Loved the typography in the windows! (The Milly for Clinique deal---I totally had to go inside and get that bag. I heart Milly patterns)


What type are you?

What type are you from Pentagram. The questions are to funny! What are you? They told me Plastica, not sure I agree, but ok. Was a fun creative break.{found via minted blog}


Liberty of London: Products at Target

Ok so I know I mentioned (Liberty of London for Target) earlier this week, but while flipping through INSTYLE I found this page, and had to share! Loving it all, especially the bike. How cute would that be for the boardwalk? Lately I have been trying to get rid of stuff as I am moving in a few months, but likely I will buy up some of these gems!{picture from Instyle: click on image to enlarge}