Reviving the Love Letter

Last night I finished watching Bright Star. The love story between the poet John Keats and Fanny Brawne. I loved their exchange of love letters and how Fanny would wait anxiously for his letters and read, and re-read every word. In our world of quick email notes and IMs....love letters seem like a distant memory. A clip of the letter exchange here. I also was thinking had I seen this movie or known how rich poetry was during this time, I may have paid better attention in English class!

From the WOW Blog:
"Now, we wonder: Is the art of the love poem and the love letter lost? In this digital day and age, long, hand-written, thoughtful letters – let alone poems – seem so far from our minds as we dash off 160-character texts, e-mails and instant messages on the fly. Everything and everyone seem to be going paperless and, with that, seemingly thoughtless. Is there a chance, however, for a resurgence of interest in the thoughtful, time-consuming written word?"

Last month I also went to see The Young Victoria in the theaters. Again those love letters :-) Words were thought out, letters were kept, saved, and reread over and over.

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