Waltz with Bashir: Behind the scenes

Yesterday I went to see Waltz with Bashir and by nightfall it had won a Golden Globe! I'm captivated reading this article which gives more insight how the animated feature was made. It took four years to make! As a designer this quote resignates with me and I'm sure last night the few animators who worked on this were celebrating their win.

"Working with such a small crew had its creative advantages, says Folman. Unlike a big production, where dozens of people are involved in creating every frame, this film’s animators can claim ownership of entire sequences. “I love this very hands-on style,” he says. “Animators could go to the premiere of the film and tell their spouses, 'I did that alone.' That’s incredible. Animators are strong in one area and weak in another, so we tried to use their preferred talents in the right scenes to take advantage of everything they could give us.”

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