Window Wednesdays: Beauty Athletics at Saks, More Sales


Shape up make-up! What a cute way to show sports/beauty products. Loved these little scenes.

Kiehl's Store Windows, NYC
Old school apothecary meets new school apothecary.

Pookie and Sebastian Windows
Cute boutique chain in NYC. I really liked the dresses made of Women's Wear Daily Newspapers.

Juicy Couture Windows
The new shop on 5th avenue is great. Like a mecca for Juicy lovers. Interior design is worth the visit. Sale sign made up of coins.

Anthropologie Windows
Birds of a feather'

Daydream Frozen Yogurt Shop
New store. Cute design, not sure how upscale it comes across. Another yogurt shop :-) Just what we need.


Ty said...

I like the Pookie and Sebastian window and the Anthropologie window. Very nice!

Jennifer DeDonato said...

such great displays!