Illustration: Alli Arnold

I had a chance encounter meeting Alli Arnold this weekend. I'll admit I was very excited. I'm sure you've seen her illustrations, as she has such a distinct style. She's frequently in Real Simple magazine and I was trying to remember the last time I saw one of her originals. Besides on the streets of NYC (see signage banners below) it was in an October NYTimes beauty article. Honestly the illustrations did more for me than the copy. The first illustration I saw of Alli's was the Barneys baby logo. The lion is on so many items. How wonderful to see a cute illustration/logo turn into an icon for an array of baby products. Check out her portfolio here.{Alli Arnold for the NYTimes}{Alli Arnold- Barneys New York baby logo}

Illustrated banners in fashion/garment district, New York City
How cute are these. Next time you are wandering around in the garment district--look up! Alli's illustrations are everywhere. Her 'people' line the street.

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Who Sees the Seven said...

These are cute! I love the fashion guy standing with the T-square!