Pepsi New Branding

Did you see the new Pepsi commercial on New Year's Eve? I spotted the can a couple of times and had some interesting discussions with my design-y friends about the new branding. On New Year's Eve the logo took center stage all over Time's Square. So if you haven't seen a new can yet, you were probably able to see the new logo up close on your television set.

Underconsideration talked about it here.

Pepsi's Refresh Everything site.

More about Pepsi's Caffine Buzz and (I want to say Target-y look).

Brandweek article here on Pepsi's WORDPLAY ads and branding.

Logo design Love shares some of my thinking and links to some other design opinions!

You will swoon over this video posted over at AdGabber of the history of Pepsi & the logos... You can see the smiley logo well, smile.. :-)

{extra thoughts--where are all the old branded Pepsi drinks that were on the shelves a couple weeks ago---, at the dollar store?}

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Who Sees the Seven said...

I have decided I like the initiative that Pepsi took to evolve their ever-present logo, however, I am not sure that I like the end result. To me, it now looks like an airline logo. I wonder once it has sunk in for another year how the public will receive it. Their cans and bottles have gone really minimalist too which they tied in nicely with that television spot.