Window Wednesdays: Mobile Merchandising

Marshalls, Stiletto-Mobile Kick Up, Union Square Event
I stumbled across the Marshalls Stilletto-Mobile Kick Up this week. What a display. And the guys serving shoes--it was too much. I was surprised they set up shop in very busy Union Square. I think the passerby traffic diverted people away from the event not towards it.

It's a wrap at JCrew.

Cool Window I saw!
Love the antique piece.


Courtney said...

This window made me stop in my tracks! Near Bloomingdales, right? Stunning jewelry. I want a niece just so that I can buy her those baby cowgirl boots.

adesignaffair said...

Courtney, yes it is right by Bloomingdales. Window took me by surprise. Glad you noticed it as well!

pve design said...

Spotted both of these while in the city and I had to stop and stare.