Window Wednesdays: Retail Campaign 08

Next week, when I post we will have all voted. This week's windows should inspire you to get to the polls. Here are some voting inspired windows from Home Depot and Bloomingdales, which I already posted about. This Kate Spade Vote Tote adorned the Kate Spade retail windows, but I wasn't able to capture them in time for this weeks post.

I'm sure everyone has noticed the Gap "vote for" campaign in a window near you. Some are quite witty and it is a good week for a voting campaign.


Henri Bendel
Nice beauty illustration by IZAK.

Bergdorf Goodman
Mirror mirror on the wall--these are real women in the windows during an event I happened to walk by!

Bike rack outside Bergdorf!
History of Fashion
Accessory Explosion
Zodiac Signs!
Anyone see the Zaha Hadid-designed Chanel Mobile Art in Central Park? The Gothamist has some good images.

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porter hovey said...

VOTE!!! Obviously these retailers have picked up that it's kind of important :)