A Peek: Paula Scher's Sketchbook

I truly enjoy seeing how other designers especially Paula Scher --- use their sketchbooks! There is something so nice, handmade, and tangible about a designer's unique drawing skills and type styles. Paula Scher participated in Detour, an exhibition at the Art Directors Club in New York presented by Moleskine. The exhibition featured 70 Moleskine notebooks filled by various designers, architects, artists and writers. The raison d’ĂȘtre for the exhibition was to introduce the new Moleskine City Notebooks, announce the launch of the accompanying Cityblog and raise money for the non-profit foundation Lettera 27. Now Moleskine has posted video of the participants paging through their books. (Great idea!) Paula’s is filled with 14 whimsical fonts she drew while on an airplane and sitting by the sea in Jamaica. Other participants included Dave Eggers, Cynthia Rowley, Lou Reed, Terence Conran, Tom Sachs, Carin Goldberg and Yves Behar. (which you can search for on YouTube. {via Pentagram}

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