Goodbye to Old Friends

The New Year is off to a great start, but alas I must say goodbye to two old friends. House & Garden and Blueprint Magazines are done, finite, final...sad.
Blueprint you were only a baby. Only 8 issues, but such wonderful issues at that. The powers that be at Martha Stewart are taking the Blueprint brand and blogging over at Bluelines. It hasn't captivated my design eye yet. I'll miss the beautiful creative photography & design of Blueprint. Nothing can replace the feeling of holding and flipping through a magazine.

And House & Garden (which is now being directed to Domino magazine) I haven't forgotten you. Thank you for the inspiring British decor in your last issue & for going out with a bang. You deserve it! The times we spend together during college -- I will never forget. Those late nights finding inspiration for my fashion projects. Sigh:: Days like today remind me that it is ok to save old issues & tearsheets.

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