Window Wednesdays: Macy's, Anthropologie & Gap

Macy's wasn't really wowing me with their windows this week. Circles? Eh. Anthropologie has some great hand skilled visual display employees that covered all those circles and cylinders! I think the cylinder idea would be a great idea for a party. The sandy beach theme was warming on such a cold day. So has anyone else been bothered by these Gap windows? The BLUE packaging boxes with the one YELLOW box mixed in-but the YELLOW one says BLUE. I've been thinking about this a lot. Hey, in a city where there is a Gap on nearly every corner it starts to get to you. A designer would question-
1. Did they not want to pay another set up fee to have the YELLOW box also say YELLOW?
2. Are they mimicking color theory & trying to pull eye tricks on us? I see that is says BLUE, but it is YELLOW.
Are we supposed to question this? Ok I'm glad I got that out. I wonder what you think?

However, the kid's Gap windows are adorable. A nice little homage to Andy Warhol. Love. I'd hang that poster in my apartment. I also have to check out the new freepeople store in NYC. They blogged about their windows & store!

Macy's 34th Street Windows
Anthropologie, NYC Windows
Gap, NYC Windows{Window photography taken by sarivictoria for adesignaffair}


pve design said...

Always admire a good window, I began in visual merchandising and know the hard work! Love the circles.

Who Sees the Seven... said...

The Free People windows are great and the store (though I haven't gone in yet) looks really cute!

Joanna Goddard said...

oooh, yes! anthro always has the best displays.

Sara said...

I love Anthropologie windows. They're always well done.

Chelsea Bryan Knights said...

I love Anthropologie! Especially their visual displays; they're so creative. I often look to Anthro for inspiration when I create my own window displays, which I've been posting on my fashion/art blog.

-Chelsea Knights