Window Wednesdays: Homage to Great Talent

Well there are many themes running through this week's windows, but most importantly the homage being shown to great artists of our past. Bergdorf Goodman decided to honor famous writers and composers. The way they created talk bubbles out of sheet music, genius! In the other windows- I wondered how long it took to cut out all those letters. Spring has definitely sprung even though the snow has barely fallen yet here in New York City. Bergdorf's has so many windows you could take a whole roll of film. The other side of the building has the beautiful Post-it notes I {sneak peeked} at last week. Well it is all done & they even left the visual guide out for all of us to see. The designer's (notes) persay. Haha. Get it 'note'. Anyway I truly enjoyed watching them put up these windows & the end result is spectacular. Bright, colorful, and oh so very spring-y. A mix of the Mona Lisa, Girl with a Pearl Earring, Lady Libery, Lincoln, and George Washington, to name a few are all pixeled out. I wonder how they picked who's faces got displayed?

Over at Henri Bendel--can we say Modrian? Nice. Since Bendel's has only one BIG window to shine with they usually make it pretty outrageous. Wonder if a memo went around about a 'homage to art' week?

Kate went all out with color. There is no famous reference here, but the usage of an artist's paint selection is just wonderful. Ahhh it made me think of my lovely Pantone books that guide my design life. (And how there are those green dishes I want at Fish's Eddy.) I wonder if a percentage from these bags will go to Publicolor. It's a non-profit the Spade's like to contribute their efforts and talents.

Bergdorf Goodman Windows NYC
Henri Bendel Windows NYC
Kate Spade Windows, Flatiron Store, NYC{Window photography taken by sarivictoria for adesignaffair}


Who Sees the Seven... said...

Incredible captures there! It does seem as if there is sort of a running theme through all of the designer's windows; and what a beautiful theme that is. You know my Post-It note love, so I need to check it out in person.

adesignaffair said...

These windows are up - then they come right back down. Go check them out ASAP!