Snowy Weekend in Vermont

This weekend I was able to escape the honks & sirens of New York City and get in some skiing with friends. While at the mountain I couldn't help but remember these advertisements from last year. The clean, simple, witty message gets right across to the skiier! Sudafed hired a great team to design these. This year nothing on the slopes compared to last year's winning campaign.While I was on the ski lift, the snow was gently falling, and you could see the meticulous details of each and every snowflake. It reminded me of this beautiful book that just came out, The Art of the Snowflake: A Photographic Album that I recently flipped through at the bookstore.


pve design said...

love a good snowfall and your post.
something about vermont too - love it!

Sara said...

I saw photos from Art of the Snowflake in an exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry last year. It really is a beautiful book.