Button Up at Chanel

Hands down the coolest image I saw last week. Catching up on my Thursday Style sections and didn't want to forget this article/image. CHANEL REDUX Karl Lagerfeld leads models back into the “Chanel jacket.”

"Of course—how could I forget to mention it?—the hub of the show was a 75-replica of a Chanel cardigan jacket, made from wood and painted to resemble concrete. The enormous braided jacket was certainly kitsch—a Big Boy on the Seine. But the style is also iconic, and Lagerfeld’s idea was to show that the jacket was only the best-known of Chanel’s creations. She designed a lot of styles, some of which, as he pointed out in the studio, looked as if they came from nature. The models got dressed inside the replica jacket, which revolved slowly during the show, and then returned to the dressing area through an opening made by a flap in the jacket."
-Cathy Horn for NY Times


pve design said...

Chanel would love that! Gorgeous!

Joanna Goddard said...

it's so over the top and fantastic!