Miss Straight Talk

I'm addicted. I came across the McCain Blogette this week after reading about it in the Washington Post. She's up on her trends & sheds light on what it's like being on the campaign trail. I like her fashion critiques and playlists!

From the AP article:
Meghan decided to blog about the campaign, with help from a couple of friends, after graduating last year from Columbia University. Her Web site mixes behind-the-scenes photos and videos from the campaign trail with iPod music playlists, designer fashion, even makeup tips. It can be addictive, says Julie Barko Germany, director of the Institute for Politics and the Internet at George Washington University. "It feels almost like picking up a copy of Us Weekly—real stars, they're just like us!" Germany said

What a great, creative & fun gig for these three young ladies. Talented Meghan, photographer Heather, and producer Shannon have talented futures ahead of them. After seeing this blog I thought of the article So You Want to Be a Blogging Star? from the NYTimes. {photos by Heather Brand Photography}

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pve design said...

thanks for the straight talk and heads up very interesting indeed.
the ny times article was forwarded to me and i thought it was a bit one sided.