Starbucks Goes a Bit Retro

Was anybody else in wonder-ment last week when the Starbucks BROWN LOGO appeared? Read about it in Businessweek.

Quotes that made me ponder.
"Now that Howard Schultz is back at the helm, this is definitely a nostalgia effort and a strong push to get back to the core values of the company," says Rob Giampietro of New York design firm Giampietro + Smith, referring to the reintroduction of an old icon. The tagline below the cup's sleeve reads: "Roasting coffee since 1971." Starbucks spokesperson Bridget Baker says, "It's a good time to celebrate our heritage."

"Old logos can engender a brand's story and history, and spark or rekindle an emotional bond," says independent Los Angeles-based marketing consultant Dennis Keene.

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