Window Wednesdays: Window Lust

H&M, 34th Street, NYC (Marimekko for H&M)
Ever have those moments of window lust. You are passing by and bam-there they are--beautiful windows that stop you in your tracks. Being that you are in NYC tourists will pour all over you, slam into you, and are just outraged that you are standing still on this busy street. But you have to-you have to take a moment-to take in the visual eye candy that is in front of you. That is how I felt when I saw these windows. (1) Because I LOVE LOVE LOVE Marimekko. I am actually SO glad I had no idea H&M was licensing their patterns, because I loved stumbling upon them myself. (2) Illustrator Liselotte Watkins did the drawings. Nice pieces for her portfolio, if I do say so myself. Some more clothing images here.


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

DesignistDream said...

Wow I had no idea they were teaming up - what a great combination H&M and Marimekko?! I'm also a big big fan of her prints and designs. These in-store and window pics are enough to get me flying back to NY for some shopping (and eye candy)!

emilyn said...

gorgeous illustrations and love the classic prints. thanks for the overview!!