Chesley McLaren for Limelight Marketplace

It's been awhile since I've seen anything by Chesley McLaren. I couldn't help but snap up this ad, which she illustrated. Speaking of Chesley--- it's amazing what you can find on Facebook. I want to see the originals!

Limelight Marketplace: The old Limelight which was a church>dance club> is now a market of shops! Sounds like a fun new place to explore when I get a moment.


Window Wednesdays: Up in the Air!

10 minute manicure
Funny, because I ran to get a mani/pedi at lunch before my travels!

Article I remember reading from Inc. Magazine about Life is good.
Best Buy express machine
Sky mall machine
Love the illustrations!
Sue Venir...
Had to whip out my camera for this one!
Random truck. Cool visual!

Victoria Secret
So Mad Men!
Bo Concept
Airline inspired!


Window Wednesdays: Paper Galore

Henri Bendels
Great illustrations from IZAK. New Bendel Taxi bag seems all he rage over there as well.

Bergdorf Goodman
Wow so impressed with the papercutting here. I have to check out the exhibit they profiled in these windows at the MET: American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity. Can you spot all the windows and outfits they created with paper? Such meticulous detailing!

This detailing is amazing!
Louis Vuitton
Loving the balloons. Macy's also showed a similar window weeks ago with the LV balloons.