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While browsing Urban Outfitters this weekend I came across this wonderful book Illustration Play. It's a wonderful collection of artists who are pushing the envelope with handmade materials. Many of my favorites are inside with sneak peaks about how they create their style! A MUST-MUST have.

Official PR release
"Getting more boredom from the computer-dominated design world, we always crave for new ways and trends of illustration. Appealing to the curious in all of us, our latest released title Illustration • Play will give you an insight into that! The title reveals the very different signature skills and unique styles of various illustration techniques and experiments, such as paper cutting, stitchery, hand knit, fabric piecing, origami, patchwork, etc. With exclusive interviews, lets’ spread the pages and understand more about diverse yet distinct perspective of each featured artists in a total number of 23 from around the globe!"

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