Frank Lloyd Wright at the Guggenheim

Sunday I spent the day at the Guggenheim Museum, soaking in the Frank Lloyd Wright: From Within Outward exhibit (until August 23rd). Fabulous exhibit of many of his unbuilt works, and many that were built of course, including Fallingwater. The drawings, models, and 3-D videos were all on display. I got caught up in his handwriting style. I thought it resembled some fonts that I had seen. I was WRIGHT! Here are some links to some fonts. He also designed lettering and decorative embellishments for his building projects, to accompany his exhibition drawings and models, and for his book The House Beautiful (1896–97). Designerd wrote about some free fonts inspired by Wright as well. I've already spent some time looking up photographs (love Google images!) of the sketches I saw at the exhibit. Note to self: Next time I am in Chicago I have to do the Oak Park house tours.
On my way out via the gift shop this children's book I'd Like the Goo-Gen-Heim caught my attention. It is a wonderful illustrated story that I am glad they reprinted!

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