Window Wednesdays: London Calling

So I'm back from London & wanted to start getting these photos organized. I am a bit overwhelmed at how many photos I took. This is just from the first few days. Below you will find some images of Lakeland (kind of a Ikea-Container Store-Bed Bath & Beyond). I was also obsessed with the Borough Market signage. The food itself was beautiful and I have tons of food images. However, Wednesdays are window & store images! Also below includes some well designed storefronts I saw, Cath Kidson, and some illustrative insurance ads. I promise more photos soon. Like I said, overwhelmed.

Burough Market!


Heshy said...

Thanks for sharing some brilliant windows. I feel inspired to do something creative now.

adesignaffair said...

Stay tuned! More coming soon!

Martini said...

Pimms! So London. We have a bottle at home and it's great with lemonade.