The Handwritten Letter

This weekend I nonchalantly told my younger cousin that I'd be waiting for him to write me a letter from 'Camp'. He told me he would only be emailing, because writing letters is so 18th century. I was saddened to hear this. In camp we didn't have computer stations and mail-call was looked forward to each day. Yes some children received faxes from their parents, but even the fax was handwritten. I haven't written a letter in awhile and long for the days of picking out the perfect piece of laid stationary to scribe my thoughts. Not only do I love writing letters, but receiving them as well. There is nothing like original handwriting. It's a window into a person's soul. I love these thoughts from a Mohawk paper printed piece that I have here in the office.

Thinking of writing a letter or postcard this summer? The Modern Letter Project has some great post, products, and interviews to inspire you.

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Rachel said...

I've always loved handwritten letters, too... my best friend moved to another state last year and we took up writing monthly letters to each other. It's always a great joy to receive one of her letters in the mail... now I just need to work on making my penmanship more pretty.