HOW Conference Notes--Finally!

So I am getting ready to give a small presentation at work about what I saw, learned & absorbed at the How Design Conference. I know I blogged earlier about some speakers & sessions, but here are some more in-depth notes & pictures. I'm going to write about my favorite sessions.

My day began with Joe Duffy of Duffy Design presenting about living A Designed Life. The culture & space of this design firm in Minnesota is beautiful. They overlook the Mississippi River and the interior is a place that makes you want to CREATE amazing things.

I learned a lot about their design process and how they present their work to the client. One example of the many he gave was the branding of THE BAHAMAS. Remember this? I do! It took over the Manhattan subway system just when one would say be planning a vacation getaway! However, we just saw the ads and maybe the website. Once the branding was finished they did a limited edition branded book that went to the people of the Bahamas (in the newspaper) to explain how the re-branding was a positive thing and would add to tourism (which is the number one money maker for the islands).Some advice I took away from this presentation-
“WE BELIEVE the greater opportunity is about helping people live a designed life

It’s not about being a designer, or even a creative professional

It’s about discovering what defines you, what inspires you–personally and professionally–to create your best life, as you define it

It’s about a way of looking at things; a way of making decisions to create a life that is more satisfying in all aspects.

A designed life may look entirely different at 25 than it does at 52

It’s about your toothbrush, your music list, what you do for a living, what you do for fun, where you live, how you dress, where you vacation, and how you entertain.”

Have a healthy perspective on your work. There is no such thing as timeless design. What did Joe mean by that? I’ll give you his example. Duffy Design worked hard to design SMART START packaging for Kellogg’s. Remember this packaging? It was clean, different from everything else on shelf & really made an impact.
Now it looks like this!
Same goes for Classico tomato sauce and Minute Maid orange juice.

Charles S. Anderson Design 'DESIGN ENTREPRENEUR' Session
Courtney over at designworklife did a great job of talking about this session. We went to college together & it was great to share some meals & discuss the sessions with her in Boston.

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