Olympic Fever: Designs of the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Anybody else been diagnosed this week? Beyond watching the sports-the graphics have (obviously) caught my eye.

Check out:
The Ralph Lauren outfits

Graphic designers out there are not going to like this article. The logo designer for the olympic logo was only paid $.20.

Definition and explanation of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Logo

The 2008 Beijing Olympic Green by Sasaki Design.
"The Olympic Green is an ambitious, unprecedented effort at city building in a setting of immense history and cultural richness. No other modern Olympiad has been hosted within such a profound and globally significant milieu. Sasaki’s proposal is deeply connected to an environmental ideal that has its beginnings in the myth and legends of ancient China, linked to the present day in recognizing the imperative of sustainable development."

Designer-daily has a great round up of the logo, signage, torches, and uniforms.

black*eiffel has a great round-up of ads, and images.

Did you know the Olympics have an official Illustrator? Yup it's Mark T. Smith. AIGA has an interview with him.

Olympic Poster designs through the years by abduzeedo.

How to read and define an Olympic poster from The Olympic Museum. Very much like style guide!

{image by Mark T. Smith}

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