Olympic Packaging

My friend {Thanks, Audra} came back from the Olympics and brought back the VIP Opening ceremony program for me to devour! She knew I'd love to see the craftsmanship and design that went into this collectable. Hello french folds! Each page tells the story in English & Chinese about each 'performance'. It was wonderful to be able to admire the details close up after only watching the spectacle on television.

I enjoyed also going through the other 'bits' she brought back. Everyone watching the opening ceremony also got the hand drum, flag and flashlight. Talk about branding. How about the Beijing Swirly Swirl? the tickets are also mini pieces of art and the card stock is a heavy weight---The five ring bracelets in the red box with the foil debossed logo are also quite lux. I'm sure all the printing was done in China.


Fashionista said...

Your welcome. And thank you.
I am so jealous of your friend! I would have died to go to Beijing for the Olympics.

cdolloff said...

Oh wow, I'm so jealous!