Window Wednesdays: Olympic and US Open Design

Back into the NYC swing of things. Bloomingdale's has some fabulous rocking windows.

To stimulate sales at an important time of the year, the Bloomingdale's division of Macy's Inc. plans to introduce this week an elaborate campaign centered on music, with partners that include Sony Music, Gibson guitars and Steinway pianos.

I know the Olympics have passed but Macy's still has it going on'. I say let the Olympic fever linger for some time. Not only are they showing the Olympic Ralph Lauren fashions, but also fabulous US Open graphics.

Macy's Olympic Fever, 34th Street

Macy's US Open, 34th Street

Bumble and Bumble, New York

Bloomingdale's, 59th Street

Bloomingdales (Clinique Window), 59th Street

Macy's (Patterns), 59th Street

Origins Store Packaging (from Window)

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