Man behind the MLB logo: Jerry Dior

I just came across this topic and I had to share and comment. See the post below and my thoughts.

Taken from Brand New.
"More than two weeks ago The Wall Street Journal reported on Jerry Dior, the uncredited designer of the Major League Baseball logo that has been the league's identifier since the late 1960s and has spawned endless iterations for other professional sports. Dior isn't looking for fame or fortune, just acknowledgment from the league who, despite having enough supporting stories from Dior's peers, is still looking for some sort of magical evidence that Dior did the logo. Paul Lukas of Uniwatch, recently interviewed Dior about the logo and there is some great stuff in there: "I just did it, y'know? It was fast. I think I spent just an afternoon on it."

----I first met Jerry Dior back in 2001 when I was an summer intern at Interbrand, (the New York City office). I sat two cubicles away from Jerry and he'd be in our office about two days a week. The packaging and identity designers used his illustrative skills for a lot of our spec work and in some cases final designs! He was an amazing illustrator and I think even more importantly was how nice, easy to work with, and respected he was in the office. I remember the day someone told me he designed the MLB logo, I was blown away and I've never looked at the MLB logo the same way. I also learned a lesson that day that behind every great logo is a 'graphic designer or illustrator' with a story, style, and a smile.

Do any of you have similar experiences meeting designers or illustrators? This story reminds me of the Nike Swoosh designer.

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Lou said...

Jerry Dior was a sensational person. He had a wonderful talent. I worked with him at Gerstman and Meyers many years ago. He was a fine talent and I was very proud to have been part of his career. Now, me, 73, can reflect on fine, professional memories.
Lou Cicardo, Cary, North Carolina