Coca-Cola Olympic Bird's Nest Commercial

Anyone catch this commercial during the closing ceremonies last night? I loved it.


Illustration: Sara Singh for Keds

Sara Singh for Keds! Check out the press release. She's having a solo show in September at Gallery Hanahou, NYC that I must check out.


Great Wine Packaging

Check out Wine That Loves. Information graphics for wine!


Window Wednesdays: Political tshirts and more

Fishs Eddy, Flatiron District
Fishs Eddy now has tshirts! They have some cute political ones.
Home Depot, Chelsea
Adding a new store to the line-up this week. Seems Home Depot in Chelsea is starting to have quite design-y windows. I am going to start keeping my eye on them. Last week's theme was the 'price is right', but i was to slow in capturing them. They were super creative in spelling out VOTE. The windows however are kind of far apart and I am not sure the average passerby will notice the subtle design.


Olympic Fever: Designs of the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Anybody else been diagnosed this week? Beyond watching the sports-the graphics have (obviously) caught my eye.

Check out:
The Ralph Lauren outfits

Graphic designers out there are not going to like this article. The logo designer for the olympic logo was only paid $.20.

Definition and explanation of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Logo

The 2008 Beijing Olympic Green by Sasaki Design.
"The Olympic Green is an ambitious, unprecedented effort at city building in a setting of immense history and cultural richness. No other modern Olympiad has been hosted within such a profound and globally significant milieu. Sasaki’s proposal is deeply connected to an environmental ideal that has its beginnings in the myth and legends of ancient China, linked to the present day in recognizing the imperative of sustainable development."

Designer-daily has a great round up of the logo, signage, torches, and uniforms.

black*eiffel has a great round-up of ads, and images.

Did you know the Olympics have an official Illustrator? Yup it's Mark T. Smith. AIGA has an interview with him.

Olympic Poster designs through the years by abduzeedo.

How to read and define an Olympic poster from The Olympic Museum. Very much like style guide!

{image by Mark T. Smith}


Window Wednesdays: Israel Window and Store Design

Store designs, signage, and graphics that I spotted while vacationing in Israel.

Women only
Lingerie shop for women.

Mamilla Pedestrian Mall


Yummy ice cream/cafe shop

Windows I liked!

Burgers Bar
Nicest graphically designed burger joint I've ever seen. Hamburgers of different weight are more like cakes than patties, come with good sauces, and all are made to order.
English Cake
Beautifully designed shop & packaging.
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Jerusalem


Packaging Design in Israel

Happy Monday-back from my travels and will be posting about packaging, store & window design, and visuals from Israel this week. Thanks for the great wishes, while I was away. It was nice to have a semi-break from the computer and be able to soak in the creativity around me.

I love browsing supermarkets when visiting foreign countries. It's like going through a museum! It's the one place to test the basics--do these graphics, patterns, and type speak to me? The ultimate test is putting something in another language. Do I want to buy this without knowing what it says? Have the graphics sold me?

Here are some images from Supersol in Israel:

I kept seeing the Absolut Disco bottle everywhere. It's a bit outdated, but still my first viewing. An attractive absinthe labeled bottle as well.