Advice from Lilla Rogers

Advice about being an artist in a recession from Lilla Rogers Studio.

I’ve been in business through three recessions and have done fine.

My advice for artists and independent business persons:

Stay positive
Do your best work
Have fun with it
Stay frugal
Find opportunities
This won’t last forever
Remember why you’re doing this work
Get emotional support from others
Give emotional support to others
Don’t take it personally
Face the facts of your finances
Promote, promote, promote
Work harder and longer hours
Be inventive and creative
Find new venues
Make your artwork or product so incredible people cannot NOT buy it
Rise to the challenge!
Rather than get discouraged, see it as a challenge.
What do you have to offer out there that is needed?
Be the very, very best you can be.
Meditate and get enough rest.
The best artwork is always in demand.
Know when it’s not going to work and when to get out
There are always opportunities out there in the world.
As my mother used to say, “It’s a BIG world out there, honey.”

Good luck to all!