Designer Baby Gifts

A graphic designer friend of mine just had a baby girl. I have been brainstorming what to get her that is both design saavy and unique. Below are some of my first thoughts. Any more ideas to share with me?(1)Kernie Plush Pal. (2)Alphabet Zoo Onesie. (3)Robin Rosenthal Numbers Poster. (4)Matching Shades Puzzle. (5)Alphazeds, by Shirley & Milton Glaser (6)Roobez Shoes (kinda like the LOVE sculpture) (7)Bowling Set, Nurit Amdur, 2008 (8)Photo Mobile, Will van den Bos, 2003 (9)Yiddish Bibs (10)Little Tykes Easel.

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Who Sees the Seven said...

Ahhh, I almost bought those monster bowling pins for my little cousin (but she was a bit too young); they cracked me up in the toy store! I say you can't go wrong with the Alphazeds; perfect gift for a design-y Mom and soon-to-be design-y baby! You can't go wrong with anything Milton Glazer, right?