Window Wednesdays: Setting Up & Ready to Go

Macy's (Broadway Windows)
I happened to be walking by the Macy's windows when they were REMOVING the glass and inserting these amazing cars! IZOD/MACY'S/NASCAR have a showcase going on and if you walk inside the store they have cars & memorabilia on display. It's crowded, but worth a look if you are in town.

Macy's (34th St Side)
Not as glamourous as the cars, but made me look forward to the beach. I like the personalized typography touch on each ball!

Up close and personal...the 3-D clam shell caught my attention.

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Katherine Lee said...

I think in a former life I was a window dresser, it's kind of my dream job... so happy to have come across your blog, I've added you to the blogroll over at Urban Flea. Cheers!
xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)