Squeals for Kiehl's

Tonight I was trying on skinny jeans with my sister at Bloomies (hello people Friends & Family presale!) and on my way out I gushed over this 40th Anniversary Kiehl's lip gloss packaging. Little hand drawn lip glosses. So cute.

"I want to draw cute lip glosses!" I sighed to my sister. However, sister, who left her office to try on jeans with me, had to go back to work and finish up tax returns. Needless to say I received a puzzled look.

Ahhh to draw and paint packaging all day. A dream.Some other illustrations I did for a client (note: not Kiehl's)

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Anonymous said...

I love your illustrations - they make me want to buy all of them! Haha ...sometimes, half the reason I buy something is if I really like the packaging.

I've been following your blog for several months now. I love Window Wednesdays!