Thanksgiving Day Parade Stamps

I was just online ordering some stamps and I see that Thanksgiving Day parade stamps go on sale tomorrow!

"The U.S. Postal Service® will issue four stamps featuring iconic scenes of a Thanksgiving Day Parade, including a lively marching band, large balloons of favorite animals and popular characters, and crowds of delighted onlookers. Drawing on the long and rich visual history of Thanksgiving Day parades in the U.S., artist Paul Rogers of Pasadena, California, based his design on American advertising and poster art from the mid-20th Century."

Many of you know how much I love watching the Parade and admiring the craftsmanship that goes into each float. See post here.

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Alli Arnold said...

What!? I went to the post office today and bought some King and Queens of Heart stamps. I love them but I would have totally gotten some Thanksgiving Parade ones! Dang! Guess I'll have to go back...and send more mail.

xo Alli